the Jellygirls

Permanent Display -

NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center

Fusionglass Company

The "Jellies Forever" Installation was

created by artist

Debbie Solan,

assisted by Marjorie Pezzoli,

aka “the Jellygirls”

This project started in 2011 with

a “Call for Artists & Scientists” from the

San Diego Visual Arts Network, SDVAN.

It continues to evolve today…


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 As friends and teachers, their influence and artworks are having an effect in West Africa bit-by-bit. I’ll chronicle and report back . . . Jelly Girls . . . Roll !!! ~Kristina The Jellygirls - The Goodness Principle" - Jeffree Wyn Itrich

Free offer by mail! A pendant by Artist Debbie Solan

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